Bob’s Platform

Current positions held on Huntsville Town Council:

  • Chair of Economic Development Committee
  • Chair of Property Standards Committee
  • Chair of Committee of Adjustment
  • Vice Chair of Planning Committee
  • Council rep. on the BIA board
  • Member of Heritage Committee
  • Alternate member of District of Muskoka Council

Save our Hospital

I have been front and centre of this fight for one of our most important services and won’t stop until the Huntsville Hospital is guaranteed its survival and properly funded for generations to come. Part 1a of the redevelopment plan has been approved by the MAHC Board which states there will be 2 fully functional acute care hospitals, one in Huntsville and one in Bracebridge. Part 1b will be the details of that redevelopment which include whether to renovate existing or build new or some of both. It is extremely important that the citizens and Council be engaged in this process to ensure the plan is equitable.

Economic Leadership

As chair of the Economic Development Committee we have investigated over 2 dozen ideas to increase economic activity, completed a Business Retention and Expansion study to help business grow, and created an attraction video that is now reaching far and wide telling the rest of Ontario we are open for business.

Fiscal Restraint

It is a great responsibility to manage Taxpayer’s money. My philosophy continues to be “Question Everything” and weigh the value of any spend regardless of how much.

Protect the Environment

We now have a Dark Sky by-law but need to implement it. We need to seek out property owners who abuse the shoreline. We need a tree-cutting by-law to prevent clear-cutting, and we need a plan to protect our water from the effects of climate change.

Reduce Duplication between the Town & District

When the District of Muskoka was formed in 1971, it was meant to be a unique model for northern communities. That experiment has gone too far. It is too large, too expensive and too disconnected from the people it serves.

Municipal Gov’t fundamentally should be the voice of the people. It should be your friends, neighbours and local business owners who are making decisions for you. Those people know your issues best and are held to account for their actions by virtue of being part of the Town they serve. You see them every day at the grocery store, the theatre, the restaurants and give them input on local issues. So, the idea that the District of Muskoka should draw more and more decision making out of town, and those decisions being made by people from other towns worries me.

My vision for the future is to stop the duplication and save money by having all of Huntsville roads maintained by the Town. By streamlining the Planning process and allow the town to be it’s own authority, instead of having our plans “rubber stamped” by District staff. I also believe that 22 Councillors at the District table is unwieldy and should be significantly reduced. And Yes, I promise to vote for a smaller District Council even if it costs me my seat because it is the right thing to do.

All of this being said, there is a place for the Towns and Townships to collaborate on things that make sense, out of efficiency and cost effectiveness such as policing and waste management.

Let the Towns govern themselves and let District be a place where we collaborate for the common good.

I’m a Full Time Councillor & Proud of my work on Council the past 4 years:

I have personally championed these issues:

  • Implementing our Dark Sky by-law
  • Implementing a Transient Tourist Accommodation Tax
  • Moving Pipeman from the river downtown
  • Fighting against any Cell tower that would require a light, or destroy our vistas

Work still to be done:

  • Make sure we have a properly funded, fully functional Hospital in Huntsville for generations to come!
  • Expropriate the Empire Lot and work with private developers to redevelop it. No more waiting. It has been 10 years since it burned down.
  • Complete the implementation of the Dark Sky by-law everywhere.
  • Create a NEW boat launch and public access to water.
  • Remove all chain link fencing at the Lookout.
  • Implement the Streetscape design to reinvigorate the Downtown.
  • Continue to partner with private sector to increase attainable housing and complete present projects that are underway.
  • Implement a tree-cutting by-law to prevent clear-cutting.
  • Complete the implementation of Transient Tourist Accommodation Tax and Private cottage rental licensing.
  • Implement changes to Muskoka Heritage Place to make it more viable.
  • Find Federal funding to kick start development at Brendale Square.

District Issues:

  • Implement Dark Sky by-law at District level.
  • Reduce the size of District Council.
  • Allow the Town to be its own planning authority.
  • Assume all Huntsville roads from District.
  • Better help our homeless with a “hand up with a plan” not a hand-out.
  • Close Mountview Water Treatment facility.
  • Improve water distribution around the Hospital.
  • Assist with the Fairvern Nursing Home redevelopment.